Wednesday, January 1, 2014

9 months

95 pounds! I've been lingering around 94 pounds for a while but finally hit 95. Only 5 pounds away from 100! Amazing! I have been eating basically whatever I want which is why I haven't been losing as much. I'm going to get back on the high protein and get these last 5 pounds gone!

It's a new year and definately a new me. I had my consultation one year ago on January 6th. I look back a pictures from last New Years and I don't believe what I see! 

I have gotten so much support and encouragement throughout this journey and I couldn't be more grateful! I want to share a sweet text I received from a dear friend that really struck home. I did not feel as heavy as I was because I was happy, now I just have the body to go with my personality!
Here's the only NYE pic I got this year and a few from last year. Who is that woman?!?

I also want to share a family Christmas picture that really shows how I've changed. 

I will do before/after pics in the infamous black and white outfit when I hit 100! Hopefully this will be before February 1st!