Monday, December 2, 2013

8 months

91 pounds! Not much new going on. Still eating small amounts and trying to get protein in. It's still a challenge. I have added a little more bread but not much. I tried a drink of soda the other day and it hurt so bad. I'm just going to avoid them forever. Sweets don't make me as sick but I still TRY to avoid them. I will eat the occasional star crunch or candy bar. I still have that sweet tooth!

Thanksgiving was interesting. I made myself small plates and could never finish any of them, but the fat girl inside me wanted to eat more. It's amazing how psychological our relationship with food really is.

I just finished the semester and am off until January 15 so I'm going to put my workout room to use. I've got to get back on track if I want to hit 100! I will for sure be doing some before and after pics at 100 if I don't do them before!

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